Find whether your email is read?

By | January 5, 2012

Google mail has become synonymous to an email client.With to 22.29%  increase in number of user  in year 2011,Gmail has reached every Internet user.There’s lot of feature change last year that made Email management more easy in Gmail.The Inbox space of 7665 mb means that you need not to delete emails,archiving them,keeping it labelled,using filter.

Many internet user have multiple email id for their different work area,separating the kind of email they send and receive.User with single email id for all their personal and professional work area have more flow of mail into their inbox.Generated emails,newsletters,forum updates,job alerts,notifications from social networking site(most annoying one) form the major section of email for a normal user.I receive a lot of emails and truly I don’t read all of them.I know some people think I’m ignoring them, but the reality is that often I just don’t see messages when they hit my inbox.

If you want to check who has not read your email and who is ignoring you,Tout will do it for you.An build EMail Management (EMM) software that helps you communicate better and productively over Email.It will provide you the full details using charts,activity from your circle,email read and ignored in % .Tout app is freeley available for iphone,When you send an email through the Tout app, you can see if it’s been viewed or not.

Email review sample

click here to find your review:Tout app.I think job seekers,professional,students and every user must use this to see the priority of email ignored from them and unread.

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